When I was a child, I was always a bit rebel and I have always been interested in sciences. My favourite subject was biology of course and I have always wanted to be a vet; but life has changed and I have worked for many years in different industries, but it has always involved working with people.

A Hungarian woman in Homeopathic College…

My father was an MD and ran a busy GP, and my mother was a nurse on his side. During my childhood I used to hear from my parents about sicknesses, treatments, examinations and drugs, occasionally these drugs’ or treatments’ side effects. There were sometimes successes but bad occasions happened too. Conventional Medicine was part of our life. Later, as my grandparents were getting older and became ill, they took many drugs, yet my father hasn’t treated them holistically. He treated their diabetes and their blood pressure, but he never realised when people had imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives it could negatively affect their overall health.

I recognised that Conventional Medicine has its own dogmas and paradigms, but I’ve also learned that learning and understanding medical sciences and basic physiological knowledge is necessary indeed. I also had the feeling that something was wrong, something was missing. I did not get the feeling that I would be able to believe in the allopathic treatments and its philosophy. It was like a bit of a rebellion against my family. Meanwhile I became a mother.

Health and wellness has become more than my passion, it became very important to me  I have familiarised with herbal remedies, essential oils, and I started learning alternative medicine, auriculotherapy, and kinesiology, Bach Flower remedies, Reiki, energetic medicine, massage therapies, Schüssler’s Tissue Salts and biofeedback as well.

I was working in a busy Complementary Healthcare Clinic, and I was able to collect different experiences and realised how stress has an effect on people.

I thought that I should learn Homeopathy, because every skill that I have learned and practiced has their limitations. I never stopped my education; I always updated my actual profession and was looking for a way to increase my professional skills. Then I reached a point, where I knew that I needed something deeper, more effective, which is more complementary and could affect on deeper levels.

During my study in Hungary we included Homeopathy, so I had basic knowledge about it and I acknowledged that I need to know more and I tried to read all available literature. I knew that I needed more knowledge about Homeopathy; I shall study it, because it isn’t a simple science and I knew that I needed to increase my practical skills as well. When I moved to the UK, it was obvious to me that I would like to study Homeopathy.

Another reason why I started learning Homeopathy was the Queen’s and the Royal Family’s loyalty towards Homeopathy and the Queen’s constant and unconditional support.

Now I am a fourth year student and I am closer and closer to complete my studies. I realise that studying homeopathy is a lifelong journey, it never ends, and this gives it an incredible and borderless happiness feeling that I will not stop my study, only I could study more in a different way through my personal experiences and patients’ feedbacks. I really enjoy it and seeking forward to new challenges.

By Erzebet Konya – 4th Year student HCEA.