Introduction to Homeopathy

If you’re interested in learning more about how Homeopathy works, which remedies to keep in your home for first aid and how to use them, then this is the perfect course for you.

Online Delivery

Using Zoom to offer an easy online experience, this course is delivered while in the comfort of your own home. Live delivery offers the opportunity for group discussion and the ability to ensure the course meets the needs of the group.


Small Groups

Our short courses use small groups online to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from the course. The supportive way in which we approach our Licentiate Practitioner training is utilised here, meaning that you are able to enter into discussions and questions without worrying about a large group. 

Course Materials

You don’t need any special materials to enjoy our introductory courses, just an enthusiasm for homeopathy and a willingness to learn something new! That said, a pen and paper or other means to take notes will definitely help you to get the most from this course!

Looking for something more in-depth?

Why not discover our four year, part time Licentiate course? This course is delivered online and is designed to guide you through your learning to become a Registered, Qualified UK Homeopathic Practitioner.


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We're based in Norwich but our course is delivered online, available worldwide.