Advanced Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma

This Advanced Diploma is suitable for those who already hold a Practitioner Level Qualification (Licentiate) in Homeopathy.

Six advanced topic modules which may be taken individually to further your continued professional development (CPD) or as a complete course. Practitioners who complete the full six module course will receive the
Advanced Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma from the Homeopathic College of East Anglia, demonstrating their enhanced practice skills.

Cardiovascular System & Disease

In-depth Medical Sciences to refresh understanding of the Cardiovascular System, what happens when it goes wrong and approaches to treatment. This is followed by homeopathic approaches and case support with examples and the opportunity to bring your own challenging cases to discuss and resolve. 

6 hours

Immune System & Support

You will explore the Immune System and what happens when that system doesn’t work as well as we’d like. Best homeopathic approaches will be covered along with effective prescribing and case support with examples. You will have the opportunity to bring your own challenging cases to discuss and resolve. 

6 hours

Skin Pathology, Disease & Solutions

In depth Medical Science guidance to understand the skin and associated diseases, along with homeopathic approaches, discussion of efficient prescribing, potency and repetition. Case studies and examples will be fully explained and evaluated and you will be able to discuss challenging cases from your own practice.

6 hours

Respiratory System & Conditions

Enhanced Medical Sciences tuition will cover the Respiratory System and associated conditions. Homeopathic approaches, prescribing and case work will be evaluated alongside case work from your own practice.

6 hours

Palliative Care & End of Life Support

This challenging area of care will be covered to help you discover effective homeopathic prescribing for support. Examples of appropriate cases will be fully explained and evaluated to help you feel confident in this situation. The opportunity to discuss difficult and interesting cases from your own practice will be available.

6 hours

Stress, Anxiety & Mental Health Disorders

As we are more aware than ever before of the link between our mental health and our wellbeing, this session will help you to understand the Medical Sciences behind Mental Health Disorders, along with examining the most effective homeopathic approaches. As always, case examples will be used with full explanations and evaluations alongside discussion of case work from your own practice. 

6 hours

This Advanced Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma is designed to enhance your ability to address difficult health conditions, which may frequently be seen in practice. Our training will include discussion of a variety of approaches to improve your understanding and skill when prescribing in complex cases. 

Making the transition from student to practitioner can be daunting. This course will enhance your professional confidence and personal development and is presented as 6 individual days.

Each unit costs £145 and includes online tuition from our teaching faculty between 9.30am – 5.30pm with appropriate breaks throughout the day. Time to discuss your own cases covering each topic is included in every session.

Completion of all 6 units is required to receive the Advanced Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma from the Homeopathic College of East Anglia. 

Booking all 6 units in advance reduces the cost to £800.

Not a Homeopathic Practitioner?

Why not discover our four year, part time Licentiate course? This course is delivered online and is designed to guide you through your learning to become a Registered, Qualified Homeopathic Practitioner.

“My time at HCEA has transformed me from an enthusiastic but unsure student into a professional homeopath – this is not to be underestimated as homeopathy remains a demanding discipline! My beliefs were constantly challenged but the emphasis that HCEA places on clinical practice allows the theory to become reality at an early stage in learning.”



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