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Researchers across France have looked at how Flu patients were treated in the 2009 – 2010 Flu season and to determine the characteristics and management of patients visiting allopathic general practitioners (AGPs) and homeopathic general practitioners (HGPs) for influenza-like illness (ILI).

The study was an observational study and looked at the records of AGPs (65) and HGPs (124) and took account of 461 patients.

The results showed that men tended to go to allopaths (who were also mainly men)and women to homeopaths (who were also manly women).

Patients of both kinds of doctors went to see them after the appearance of symptoms, (with AGP patients seeing their doctor earlier – after the appearance of symptoms than HGP patients) and both self treated – AGP patients with cough suppressants or expectorants, and HGP patients with homeopathic remedies.

The study reported in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, concluded that homeopathy is widely accepted for the treatment of Flu-type treatments in France, and does not preclude the use of allopathic medications.

However, patients treated with homeopathic medications only were more satisfied with their treatment than other patients.