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Our Values


Homeopathy’s strength lies in the matching of remedies to the whole person, treating not just one symptom, but their whole being. We aim to provide a Homeopathic Education which does exactly that. By teaching both the Classical approach and respected modern methodologies, each student is able to progress professionally and establish their own Homeopathic practice.


We fully understand that for many, becoming a self employed practitioner requires many skills in addition to homeopathic training. We ensure that all our students are confident to become self employed, from marketing to ensuring all UK regulations and professional standards are met. 


A Homeopathic approach to good health and wellbeing will often include diet, nutrition, herbal remedies and a variety of other complementary therapies. We ensure all our students have the chance to study nutrition, diet and an introduction to herbal remedies, alongside awareness of a number of different complementary therapies. 


Our inspirational, international lecturing team are hand-picked for their knowledge and experience, ensuring our lectures are engaging and informative. We take an immersive approach to learning, combining medical sciences with homeopathic methodology, remedies and casework to bring each subject to life. 


Practical training in clinics is a key component of our course, whether in person or via virtual online clinics. All students will begin by observing clinics before being able to progress and develop their clinical skills under close supervision.

In their final two years, students begin to compile a portfolio of casework, each one thoroughly supervised at every stage to give opportunities for feedback and learning in a practical way.

By the time the course is completed, our students are competent, capable, professional, practitioners. 

This course has enabled me to start a new career path which I love. The teaching supported me every step of the way and I have been able to juggle my studies with work / family life throughout my training. If you’re worried about how you’ll ‘fit it all in’, don’t be. All the tutors will support you to manage your studies and encourage you to follow your dreams. 

The teaching staff are excellent – all offer help and contact between teaching weekends which means that as a student you never feel isolated or alone nor left to battle with an assignment without any help.

” The Tutors are experienced, professional and above all very supportive. I have had two children during my period of studying and throughout those often challenging times I have gently but enthusiastically been encouraged to stick to my ultimate goal and the College strolled supportively beside me whilst I complete the journey.  I really can’t wait until I finally qualify and embark fully on my new career and this is so much attributed to the really wonderful support I have received from this very special College.”

“This College is second to none for hands on support/ personal encouragement and care.”

“The excellent training that I have completed with the Homeopathic College of East Anglia has quite literally changed my life.”

“I am so grateful that you are able to offer an on line Course. Living “up North” there are few opportunities for training and if I had to travel to Norwich I would have been unable to train.
I am enjoying all the great tutorials and meeting the tutors and fellow students. You have all become very familiar and I am most grateful for all the care and support you have all shown us.
The more I learn the more I want to know!”


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